5 Things to Know About Owning A Smart Home

1: A smart home is not “The Jetsons”, but it’s getting close!

I know that when I was a kid I remember watching “The Jetsons” and dreaming of a time where they could have a “smart home.”  Now it’s 2016 and I live in a smart home, one that I can use my phone or remote to turn on and off lights, turn up the heat, heat my teapot, listen to music in any room of the house or throughout the entire house and more.  Now there are plug and play electronics that work with smart homes such as your refrigerator that will text you when you run out of milk.  Unfortunately, we have yet to figure out the robot maid.  But, many of the leading home automation platforms enable you to interact with your home via your smart phone, or your voice.

2: You can finally be two places at once.

No longer do you have to worry about missed deliveries, worry if the kids are working on their homework, or spend the day asking yourself “did I remember to close the garage?”. With nothing more than your smart phone, you can take total control of your home and always be right there. Open and close garage doors, unlock front doors, monitor your home’s cameras, and even control some appliances from your phone.

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Control4 uses many smart devices as an way to control your smart home

3: Upgrading your home can actually save you money!

With the security and monitoring features included in most automation platforms, home owners often can save on insurance.

Also, home owners who have home automation save around 20% on their monthly utilities – conserving energy and saving money. It’s a green thing to do!

4: No construction zone necessary

When many homeowners think about taking on a project like this, they fear the need to rewire their entire home. Luckily that is no longer the case. Most leading home automation systems use wireless technology to communicate with your home and electronics.

5: It’s more affordable then you think

“This sounds great – but surely I couldn’t afford it…”

Wrong! The prices are becoming more affordable every day.  For more information contact Nexus Electric and Smart Home at info@nexushome.com or 775-721-0836.