And…SCENE! What is a smart home scene and what does it do?

And…SCENE!  What is a smart home scene and what does it do?
Pictures of scenes

At the door press the “Away” button and the shades close, the lights turn off and the thermostat lowers.  Want to watch a movie?  Press “Movie” and the lights dim, the shades lower and turns the projector and the TV on.  These designed buttons are called Scenes, when one button controls many different items to create a mood or activity.  We can create all kinds of scenes for people and we do it based on their habits and lifestyle. 

My award for most innovative scene goes to one of our client’s whose scene is called “Namaste.” The “Namaste” scene turns on the meditation music, a water fountain and an oil diffuser, then dims the lights and turns on faux flickering candles in their reflection space.    

The most popular scenes are typically “Away,” “Home,” and “Entertain.”  “Entertain” is the lights, heat, speakers, and anything else you can imagine for entertaining or throwing a party in your home. 

As I write this blog it is currently 14 degrees outside.  My personal favorite scene is “Goodnight.”  Ever jump into bed and realized that you left the kitchen light on or wonder “did I remember to lock the door?”  That problem never happens to me anymore because of the “Good night” scene.  This button turns off any remaining lights in my house, locks the doors if not already locked, turns down the thermostat and closes the blinds.  I’m so spoiled!