Why the Best Price is the most Expensive Choice

I don’t know about you, but I like to try to get the best price for everything I buy. In fact, I get a bit of a thrill being on the hunt. I am just part of the American price-conscious society looking for a deal.

In 2013 when JC Penny tried to discontinue coupons, their sales suffered. The idea was good; give you the product at the real price instead of using a gimmick to lure you in. Consumers obviously didn’t agree; in fact, they felt like they weren’t getting a deal and shied away from the products. We like to feel like we got the best price possible. The truth of the matter is, the price is the same…the difference is the experience. We love having the story to tell everyone how we got it 40% off, it’s a David and Goliath stories how we got the best of the store.
Nexus Electric could take an extra hour scouring for the best price to save a few dollars, but instead we work to have excellent relationships with our distributors and pass savings onto our clients through VIR and Rebates, Payment Terms, and promotions through our dealers. The more we buy, the more you save. The easy answer seems to be always looking for the lowest price, but that’s not truly the best answer.

Our Reasons:

Product Quality
Not all products are made the same, and not all products are new. Many sites that you see these items discounted at are refurbished and can be prone to more problems and not covered under the product warranty. We have had a client try to go online and out shop us for the quoted equipment, the products didn’t all work and some were missing valuable components needed to network them with other equipment. Returning the items and waiting to finish the job until our newly ordered parts came was costly.

Once I bought children’s bathing suits from Amazon and it didn’t arrive for over a month. That is because the third party shipper was unable to get me the part any faster. Not everyone you buy from has the capability to expedite shipping or ship with any reliability. You may not get your Sonos speakers for a month or two and they may or may not be in one piece. And if it is in pieces, what kind of recourse do you have buying from an international seller or private party?

Networking Ability
Last but certainly not least is the electronics networking ability. Networking ability said simply is the ability to talk to other electronics and devices. Just this month, we had trouble trying to buy a specific LED Pixie light from Home Depot. The Sku for the lights that could work was the same as the Sku for the lights that did not have the same wattage potential. It was a complete headache to get enough of the correct lights. The lights would not work with the smart home system.
Imagine purchasing something like that online. The smallest detail can affect how it speaks to the other equipment or system in your home. Our sales guy Jeremy Brown is an extremely detailed oriented man who has been in the industry for over 20 years…I’ve seen all of the details he has to know to order for the most simple system (including thousands of products connectivity) and it is dizzying!
My last thought on networking ability is someone who tries to save money by integrating all of their old products into a new Smart Home system. This can certainly be done, but many of your 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s products did not have the capability to pass along the information in today’s Smart Home. Nexus Electric and Smart Home does its best to integrate as much as possible, but integrating older products creates networking issues and often if some of the core items we recommend to be replaced are not replaced…we will not take the job. Seems silly to fire a potential client, right?! No! Our systems are guaranteed and we do not want to put our names on projects that have equipment that will fail you over and over.