Our Team

 Entrust Nexus Electric to provide intuitive electrical and automation solutions for your home.

Cool, Calm and Connected 

Our Owners 

We are a family owned boutique electrical and smart home company in North Lake Tahoe.  

 Jeremy Brown, Owner

 Jeremy started working as an electrician as a young man and he ran the Smart Home A/V division at Holm Electric for 20 years.  When Jeremy is not programming, designing a system, or lining out his crew he is an avid mountain biker.     Jeremy has a son named Jordon who is also an employee at Nexus and a daughter named Avery.  

 Deanna Brown, Owner

Deanna has a bachelor degree in Business with a minor in Marketing.  She has worked in sales and marketing for many industries for over 20 years.  When not working or taking care of her daughter Avery she is enjoying the best of Tahoe by hiking or skiing.     

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Our Employees

We background check all our employees and have extremely little turnaround.  It is imperative that our employees respect your home.  They do not treat your home like their home, they treat it better.  With Nexus, you don’t have to worry about theft, wearing shoes in your home, or leaving the home in an untidy manner.  It’s something that is simply not tolerated by Nexus Electric. 


Your Information

We have been privileged to serve some of the most interesting clients in the world.  Nexus understands that your privacy is of the utmost priority.  We do ZERO data collection on our clients.  Only corporate officers can access any part of your home.  One of our greatest strengths as network builders is keeping your information secure in in-house servers.  We seamlessly interface with private security companies and private secure networks.


Our mission is to provide tangible value to your home and to you as a client. With 19 years’ experience in the luxury home market we have the expertise to engineer a smart home that align with your vision and conforms with today’s luxury home buyer’s expectations. Our vision is to provide our clients home automation that offers convenience, piece of mind and brings added enjoyment for them, friends and family. Unmatched value followed up by extraordinary customer service and support is our goal.