“Hey Google, get Spooky”

Google gets scary by adding some fun updates.  Now thru November owners with a Nest Hello video doorbell will have the options to make their chime sound like an evil laughing witch, a ghost, vampire, or monster.  Have your house be the coolest trick or treat location on the block with these new tones.  Additionally, you can say “Hey Google, get spooky,” and the assistant will play an hour-long playlist of “Spooktacular” sounds and music.  You can ask it to “show me DIY Halloween costume videos” or “Show me Halloween makeup videos on Youtube,” and content will be brought up to get you ready from head to toe. 

I often blog about new functionality of smart home products, but I rarely get to just talk about the fun little stuff that can make your family’s day.  Thanks Google, this was a fun update!

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