Home Automation- A mother’s best friend

I’m a first time mother and I have a 5 month old baby. I have lived with a smart home for the last six years, and I appreciate. Though, I never truly appreciated it until my daughter arrived. As most parents will tell you parenthood sometimes requires having more than two hands, and being in more than one place at a time. Having an automated home (Smart Home) with a newborn is such a great help. I have listed the services that we currently have that keep me from going insane as a new mother.
Monitoring- I can be sitting outside on my deck and monitor my daughter sleeping, or be in a complete different state and check in on her. Remote access to my monitoring service has allowed me to actually leave to go to my cousin’s wedding without feeling nervous or uncomfortable about leaving my daughter.

Lights and Sound- Typically at 4:00am in the morning I am awake and feeding my daughter. My 20 year old stepson is quite the night owl, and typically gets in after 1:00am. I find that when I leave the dark bedroom with my newborn sometimes I am greeted to a house of bright lights left on from my step son’s wake. With my Control4 remote, I can check (from bed) which lights were left on and turn them off or dim them and turn the TV down (if my step son is still up and watching TV). At 4:00am, all I want is to be able to feed my baby and rock her to sleep as quickly as possible so that I can go back to sleep. The ambiance that you bring your baby into after she wakes will determine that. On my way back to bed I hit a button by my bed to tell the entire home to shut down turning off any lights and electronics I may have left on while having my hands full.
Not to mention when I’m trying to rock my baby girl to sleep in the afternoon for her nap, I can use my Iphone, Ipad, or remote to dim the lights, close the blinds and turn down any music or television. My Smart home can be such an ally.

Door lock- We have automated locks. I can lock all of the doors, or open them with my Iphone, Ipad, or remote. This comes into play mostly when I am feeding a hungry baby and my friend comes over for a walk. I know she is coming, I can check the monitor to make sure it is her at the door, and let her in without disturbing my baby girl.

I’d be very interested to hear from other mothers with smart homes to learn more practical applications that help mommy hood. Because Control4 and other home automation systems are so flexible they are easy to tailor to your lifestyle and change as your life changes. Please feel free to leave any good ideas!

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Pic from Gerber Baby