Nest Thermostats just got a lot better!

Nest Partners with Control4 Home Automation

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Intelligent heating can save you money.

At Nexus Electric and Smart Home, integrating thermostats with our custom home automation systems is one of the most requested functions from our clients.  Besides the obvious benefits of climate control, the convince of remotely accessing your heating systems with a phone app and conserving energy, integrating your HVAC system serves a much more important task behind the scenes.

Our systems are programed to email the homeowner when something is wrong.  If your home becomes too “Cold” or “Hot” you will receive an email and a text that alerts you to the situation.  Here in the mountains, we have to worry about freezing pipes and the comfort and safety of elderly family members and pets.  Below I share a real world example of how our systems saved our clients from possible disaster.

Now comes the “Nest” thermostats.  Their attractively designed, user friendly interface,  and great marketing made the a big hit fast.  We have begun getting several inquiries from our clients about using them in their homes.  While the Nest offered an app for remote access there were no other added benefits for our clients.  At the 2013 CEDIA event that all changed.  Nest announced they had opened there Software to home automation and had chose Control4 as a partner.  As a Control4 “Gold” dealer,  I couldn’t have been happier, I was now able to install the Nest thermostat our customers wanted and give them the added benefits they needed.  We are getting rave reviews from our clients that have the Nest Thermostats and they love the user interface we offer through Control4.

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