The Next Smart Frontier…Smart Irrigation


Skydrop Irrigation System

Save water and money with this Smart irrigation system


As spring approaches what does every smart home need?  A Smart Lawn!  I love how intelligent water saving apps are getting and today I want to highlight a product that impressed me.  The product is Skydrop Smart Irrigation.    With the watering season just around the corner, the Skydrop Halo Smart Irrigation Controller uses hyper-local weather data to learn how much water a yard needs.  This amount is based on real-time precipitation, humidity, temperature, wind, solar radiation, slope, and soil condition and like a smart thermostat it intelligently adjusts itself. Nexus Electric and Smart Home can add Skydrop’s web interface to any Touch Screen or Smart remote control.

This could revolutionize the water consumption not just from a residential perspective but commercial as well.  How many times have you passed by a commercial building and seen a sprinkler broken and flooding the sidewalk.  We have a client who put in a similar system and the system informed us that his water consumption went way up.  The system was broken and was leaking near the house.  Because we were aware of the water usage difference, we were able to find the leak before it caused any damage to the home.  Many of our clients are second home owners and do not live in Lake Tahoe full time, they do their best to remotely watch their home from other states.  I find this exciting not just from a water consumption point of view, but as water becomes more restricted it becomes more expensive.  This system makes dollars and sense!

Smart Irrigation systems may be a smart solution to California’s permanent water conservation rules.  Customers can conveniently adjust watering schedules based on city restrictions, skip days the gardener is coming, and much more.  As a child of many California drought years and restrictions I can appreciate this product not just for the water conservation aspect but the additional dollars that can stay in your pocket.

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