Vacation homes more susceptible to theft!

A Well Designed Security System Can Discourage Criminals

I live in a small mountain town in Lake Tahoe called incline Village.  I love living in Incline Village because you can feel safe leaving your car running as you run into Starbucks, or 7-11 and have no fear that any harm will come to your car.  Recently, I was reminded that even small towns have big city concerns.  The Village Pharmacy was robbed at gunpoint.  The whole town was shocked by this event, and it reminded me why I am so passionate about setting up security systems for people.  Peace of mind is priceless.

The market that I work in has a large number of second home owners and vacation homes.  Video surveillance is the perfect tool for protecting vacation homes.  Because they are unoccupied most of the time, vacation homes are more susceptible to break-ins, theft and vandalism.  A security camera system at your beach house or cabin can keep it safe when you’re not around.  With our security systems we can allow you to monitor your home from anywhere in the world, and from your computer or smart phone.  For more information on remote login and access and sensor and video surveillance please contact Nexus at 775-721-0836.