Climate Control and Energy Efficiency

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Intelligent heating can save you money.

Climate Control

HVAC control is a must for the Tahoe Truckee Mountain area. With today’s in-floor radiant heats that include a thermostat in every room, our clients need something to help manage these complicated systems. With the extreme cold during the winter our clients need to be able to remotely activate there heat as it takes 12 hours to bring your home up to a comfortable temperature. With the danger of freezing and flooding you will be notified when there is a problem with the heat system before a disaster happens. Nexus delivers climate control that is simple to access from your smart devices and alerts you to problems via text.





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Want to Go Green? Automate your Home!

Want to Go Green? Automate your Home!

Save energy and have your home go green using home automation.

Home automation technology is becoming as synonymous with sustainability as it is with convenience. Incorporating smart home technology into a new or existing structure makes it easier to reduce energy consumption and the carbon footprint (your impact on the environment) a home or business creates. With many new easy to install home automation products readily available, it’s now simpler than ever to automate your home and go green at the same time!

When you’re ready to take the next steps towards automating and greening your home, check out our line affordable home control system that connects your home electronics (appliances, lighting, climate control, security systems and more) into an integrated wireless network, allowing you to control these items with a remote control, with your PC, from the Internet and with your cell phone.

Now that you know how simple it is to go green by automating your home, take a look at our full line of energy saving smart home automation products to get started. We’re here to offer you full support and answer any questions you may have along the way!

Smart Home Energy Saving Facts