More than 12 billion smart devices are currently in homes around the world. Designers can be either excited by this or terrified. Up until now, tech has generally been seen by the design industry as something to add after the design process has been completed. But now technology has evolved and has become part of the time. Motorized Cabinets, built in charging stations for mobile devices, app connected appliances, mirrors that double as TVs, and TV’s that double as artwork! Oh my! We work with some pretty phenomenal designers who see the smart home technology as more options for intelligent design. A smart home system connects all technology in the home and unifies all home tech. Most designers I have met are not big fans of DIY technology because it can often offer up difficulties when incorporating everything in the home. No to mention multiple control methods, like 8 different apps and 6 remotes to control 1 home! A smart home takes these devices and connects them into one centralized system allowing the client to access, adjust and automate all home tech with ease.

Connecting a Home Can Bring Together:
Blinds and shades
Smart lighting
Security cameras and system
Doorbells and smart locks
Music and Video in multiple rooms
Home theater and audio control
Sprinklers, pool controls and more!

From a design perspective it is particularly important when incorporating the kitchen and bath technology. A client when cooking with messy hands can use voice command to adjust lighting, or the morning person can turn on the bathroom light to a dim 20% to not wake up their partner. Smart homes are tailored around people’s lifestyles, just like design.