Does Smart Thermostats Save Me Money?

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Smart Thermostats can save you $

Smart Thermostats are programmable and that saves you money, but how?  

“Isn’t a normal thermostat programmable,” my neighbor asked.  Yes they are.  So how can Smart Thermostats save me money?

First of all what is a “Smart” thermostat?  It’s considered “smart” because it is learning your behavior.  It allows you to control the temperature remotely and shows you energy consumption in real-time.  They can even adjust themselves based on ambient conditions like humidity, the door being left open for a long time or your oven heating the house while cooking.

Smart Thermostats really take the hassle out of adjusting the temperature and climate in your home in a way that walks the line between comfort and energy efficiency. You can set it and forget it.  It will stop heating or cooling an empty home so that you don’t have to manually change it every single time.  The thermostat adjusts to make sure your as comfortable as possible when your home.

Remember, they don’t save you money on their own—they can save you money when you take the time to program them to your lifestyle and actively keep an eye on your energy output.  My husband and I took the time up front when we bought our smart thermostat and it has paid off…we dropped our energy bill by a third!

If you have kids like I do who love to mess with the heat, and hate the idea of having to turn the thermostat on and off manually every time you leave the home… including estimating running errand times, it is definitely worth the money you’ll spend to get the savings back in the long run.