The “Smart” Device Market Rises 30% in 2018

The global sales of smart devices are on the rise. The market for these smart products is expected to grow 31% from last year. Wow! That’s a lot of units accounting for almost 100 million units and projected to be 230.5 million by 2022. The entire smart devise market is comprised of smart speakers, video entertainment products, connected lighting, smart thermostats, and home monitoring/security products. In the 2018 sales are we see a dramatic rise of smart speakers with built-in voice assistants such as Google Home or Amazon Echo. Though the 30% increase also consists of many new types of devises, made for both inside and outside of the home.

Privacy and security for smart devices remains one of the key inhibitors to adoption. And frankly, if you have read many of my blogs you know that many of these devises are constantly data collecting on you and sending it to some corporation. It sometimes feels like tattling, when you consider that your Fitbit is probably selling your fitness level to your health and life insurance carriers.

Some people don’t care if their devices are listening and selling information about them. If you are one of these people buying a smart devise and plugging it in and downloading the app may be your way to go. If security and privacy is a big concern to you, I encourage you to reach out to a smart home professional. I have many blogs on the difference, but I will review quickly here. Smart home professionals like Nexus Electric create an internal server to connect all your devises to. With an internal server you can set the rules to what information is leaving your home. This stops people from watching you, sealing or selling information and keeping your home’s functions within your home.

(Projection and numbers taken from the article Study: Smart Home Device Market to Rise 321% in 2018 in CE Pro Magazine November 2018). Smart devices