Tiny Smart Home

Tiny Smart Home

Control4 unveils a tiny smart home at the Las Vegas Building Show.

Have you seen the show Tiny homes?  My husband and I are always so fascinated by how every inch of the home is designed for functionality.  A 250 square foot home housing one or multiple people must be well thought out and maximized. 

Then at the Last Vegas International Builders Show Control4 (one of our very favorite smart home control systems) rolled out a 250 square foot Tiny Smart Home and it peaked my interest.  Not just because Tiny homes are interesting, but I was wondering, could a smart tiny home increase the efficiency?  In other words, how would the home automation benefit a tiny home?

The tiny smart home came with a fully-loaded smart home system that includes smart lighting, Wi-Fi connectivity, and smart appliances.  One of the more surprising aspects was how discreet the technology smart system was even in such a tiny home.  There was no compromise to the aesthetic.  This 250 square foot wonder boasted engraved wall keypads, handheld remotes, touch screens, mobile devices, and voice controls.  Smart lighting and shading, multi-room audio with speakers, Control4 Intercom Anywhere, video distribution, temperature control, security, and more. 

Here is my tiny smart home analysis:  The smart home features do enhance the efficiency of the home.  If you live in 250 square feet of home, the last thing you need is several remotes and devices using up any of the square footage.  The devices were all built into the home and negated any use of the many remotes.  At most if you choose to have a hand held remote, you have 1 remote that controls all the products in your home.  That’s pretty cool!  You can also just choose to use a touch screen to control everything and not even need a remote.  The tiny smart home also allows you to regulate the heat and be more efficient with money.  This only makes sense for people who are concerned with ultra-efficiency.  Maybe down the road this will be a new market for us!

View a photo slideshow of the smart tiny home