Home generators are on the rise as PG&E cuts off power to thousands

With the inevitable backlash as a result of not having an emergency power generator on hand during a blackout or natural disaster, consumers are becoming wiser: electrical power generator sales are on the rise.

I mean, don’t you want to avoid having to light candles around your house and bundle up in the middle of a snowstorm? I think the worst is being stranded without heat, not being able to open the fridge or cook a meal with a 5-year-old who is board and hungry.

Think about those of us who have a business…We could lose customers and miss important communication due to a blackout.

Of course, depending on what you need the generator for, power and sizing differ. Nexus Electric is a dealer for Genereac generators. We have ordered and installed many in the area. Tahoe is a unique location that can snow up to six months out of the year. Not to mention to my Southlake, West Lake, Tahoe City, Kings Beach and Truckee friends….PG&E is now shutting off your power whenever they feel the winds or conditions are right for wildfires.

If you are considering a home generator do yourself a favor and do not wait until mid to late fall to inquire. We are slammed with calls all fall and many types and sizes of generators can take up to 3-4 weeks of lead time before they get to you. Not to mention your installers lead time. I mention this because we get an incredible amount of calls for generators in the fall, and the fall is a hard time to get a contractor out to your home because it is the last few months before snow and most building projects must be concluded. You want to have your generator installed, serviced and activated by mid fall latest. Those who wait often must endure one more winter without the generator.