1. The Samsung “Wall”
    The first U.S. Residential installation of the new Samsung “The Wall Professional” is now complete. The 146 inch MicroLED screen was installed and integrated in Southern California at the end of 2019. “The Wall,” is a self-emitting display that can be customized to any size, resolution or form factor. By self-emitting I mean that it has technology that replaces color filters with micrometer sale LED’s which are way smaller the current LEDs and serve as their own source of light. This screen can be used to create a wall-sized display or integrators can let their clients increase the traditional size screen to any new home, work wall, or art piece. Really the uses of this is endless. Image if you were generated by a regular size person who show’s you around the museum but is on a wall size screen.

The install took only three days and the final price was “undisclosed,” which in my vast experience means not cheap. Just One Touch, the integration company who installed it also has 3 more pending projects for the “Wall” including a Hollywood star, the lobby of a hotel, and a luxury yacht.