I’m a remote-control gal. I understand that touch screens are the things these days, but I’d like to grab the remote next to me and familiarly hit the button I need without looking at a screen. I work in front of a computer all day, I do not go home and luxuriate in the light of computer screens, TV…well that’s a different story. I noticed the new remote this morning on the Control4 website and was curious. It sure didn’t look like any remote I was used to, but as all gadgets I was up to getting one and trying it out. I have ordered one and will do a review down the line.

From first glance this remote looks like the baby of a traditional remote control and a touch screen having both tactical buttons and a high-resolution touchscreen interface. This is supposed to be the fastest remote of the Control4 family and works seamlessly with the Smart Home OS3. (See Blog “ for more information on the Smart Home OS3). This means that not only are you controlling the TV, but also the music in your home, streaming devices, playlists, lighting, door locks and everything else your smart home controls. Your favorites are displayed front and center wit one touch icons for example for ESPN, Netflix, CNN, FOX, HBO or any of the family’s favorite programs. I’m pretty excited to get this remote and do a video review for you.

Let me know if there is any question you would like addressed in the review. If any of you have one already feel free to write in on your thoughts.