A question I get a lot is…”What are these buttons with dots at the top of my Control4 remote?” 

My answer….they are for whatever you want them to be. The dot buttons are customizable. At our house they represent different lights of the most popular area of our house. We can fully control the lights from our Control4 remote by going to list and selecting lighting and choosing the light we want. This is great, but with some things I want a fast button without having to look at a screen. This is what we use our dot buttons for. The single dot represents the light above the couch which will inevitably be turned on and off as we watch TV in the evening but then get up to get a snack or need more light for my daughters play. We have 2 remotes in our home one for the living room and one for the bedroom. The bedroom remote also has customized dots to turn the bathroom and the main bedroom lights off. 
There is no limit to what you can program for those buttons. But my answer to the initial question is they are fast buttons for anything you want. I’d love to hear from some of our clients or anyone who has Control4 to see what they use them for.