We spend so much of our lives in the Kitchen and Bathroom. Why is it the last place we think of smart tech?
  1. 10 ways to a smarter kitchen and bath
    Home Theaters, media rooms and home offices are typically the most tech-laden areas of a home. Huge Displays, powerful speakers and networking is what typically comes to mind when someone says home tech. In the recent years I have noticed that kitchens and baths are gaining traction for smart home technology. And why not? We spend a lot of time in Kitchens and bathrooms. I have a listed 10 things you can do to smarten up your Kitchen and Bath without compromising aesthetics that can make your life a whole lot easier.
    a. Smart Lighting
    Good lighting is crucial in the kitchen and bath. If you haven’t already change to LED lighting. IT’s energy-efficient and a great choice for main ambient lighting. Look for Kelvin numbers between 4000K and 5000K for the kitchen and bathroom fixtures.
    b. Architectural Speakers & Whole House Music Systems
    Music is a proven stress reliever, and with many people heading to the kitchen or bathroom to unwind and refresh, loudspeakers tied to a central music system are a wise investment. Thanks to the sleek low-profile design’s speakers can blend seamlessly into the ceiling, walls, or architecture.
    c. Voice Control
    “Alexa, turn on Jeopardy.” Phrases like this have become popular in my home. Using voice control platforms such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant have been a godsend for me in the kitchen. I’m cleaning out a turkey or my hands are covered with “guck,” and I can turn down up the lights, heat, set timers, or turn on my music station to start playing. I have a client who can answer the door while hand making pasta…how cool is that?!
    d. Video Doorbell
    This product may not be located within the kitchen or bathroom but when occupied in either room you’ll be grateful you have one. How many times have you been finishing up in the bathroom or in the middle of cooking dinner when the doorbell rings? Using your phone or a wall-mounted touch screen identify who it is and unlock the door to welcome them into the house. Most of the time my response is, “go ahead and leave the package, I’ll grab it in a minute!”
    e. Home Automation System & Touch panel
    Although smart systems are ideally suited for the devices of the kitchen and bath, they can be managed throughout the entire house. A system can be customized precisely to the needs of the homeowner and modified as their lifestyle, habits and even room designs change. A touch panel can provide “bird’s eye view” of the home displaying images from the front door surveillance camera automatically when the doorbell is pressed then floorplan of the entire house indicating which lights are till on, and what songs are playing over the music system.

f. Waterproof & Mirror TV
These TV’s are made to handle moisture from the sower and sink splashes. One of our clients has a mirror TV in his master for watching the morning news as they get ready and a mirror TV in their home theater so if you have to use the bathroom you don’t miss the movie.
g. Robotic Vacuum
Who doesn’t want this?! A robot that keeps your floor clean while you’re away. My friend has one and I have named it Rosie for the maid robot in The Jetsons. It can be programed, monitored and controlled right from your smart home app.
h. Motorized Windows and Shades
Have a window in your bathroom? Imagine if the shades or blinds lowered when a sensor was triggered as you touched the toilet seat or locked the bathroom door.
i. Touchless Faucets
This is an item I don’t have…yet…but I’m working on it. Maybe it’s me but right after I wash my hands and I turn off the sink I wonder what I just picked up from the faucet onto my hands. You know that faucet that you turned on to wash your hands after handling raw bacon? Touchless faucets are cleaner and just make good sense.
j. Pop-Up Outlets
Installed flush with the surface of a cabinet, this type of outlet remains invisible until you tap it. It hen pops up offer a USB or electrical outlet for small appliances.