a. “Mockupancy”
I have discussed Mockupancy before but let me recap a bit. Living in Lake Tahoe we have a large population of vacation homeowners. Between holidays and peak season many of our homes are unused and dark. “Mockupancy” is making it seem like your home even when you’re not. We advise our second, third and fourth homeowners to put their home’s lights on timers. You don’t want your empty home to be targeted by a burglar or unwanted squatter. We can have your lights turn on around 5pm and on and off during the week play music or have the blinds go up or down.
b. Real Time Updates
Most second homeowners use remote access. We create a secure portal for you to access your home remotely from anywhere in the world. You’ll be alerted if an alarm goes off or if a sensor is tripped but you can also receive email or text alerts if moisture is detected or an off-limit cabinet or safe has been opened. You can confirm security settings, check doors and windows and see in real time who disarmed the alarm or opened the garage door. Turn off the alarm if family is stopping by and then turn it off when they have left. Having the option to know what is going on with your home while you’re away is a powerful tool.
c. Visual Monitoring
Security cameras are in demand, but they are now built into intercoms or touch screens to monitor and communicate with any room of your house. If you in the living room and what to know what your kids are up to, you can check in from your network-connected TV or touchscreen. I admit it, I verify that my husband has put my 5-year-old to bed on time when I’m out with a friend. Use your surveillance cameras to notify you when something goes missing or your package has arrived at the door and by whom.
d. Smart Home Systems
Your smart home can signal police, fire or any family or authorities if the alarm is activated for more than a few minutes. Imagine your home detected dangerous levels of carbon monoxide while your sleeping and not only alerted you, but with your smart programming your sister could automatically open all of your motorized windows to open letting out the gas. With smart home systems we can program you a safer lifestyle.